Spencer Roundy died of brain cancer on November 27, 2000.

Shortly before he passed, he wrote a school project entitled "My Christmas Wishes". There were only 3 items on it and they were all about him being like Santa and helping Santa bring Christmas to other children.

Jazz BEAR was also one of his close buddies and his hero. The Christmas after his death, Jazz BEAR got $7,500 in donations and came to Price and hosted a Christmas Party for children in our area---thus starting to fulfill Spencer's Christmas Wishes. BEAR committed to come to Price each year to host a children's party but from now on it's up to us to get the donations. 100% of donations go to help children in Carbon-Emery County. We have no paid staff. We are a tax exempt charity so all donations are tax deductible.

KIKN Country 98.3 FM Radio helps us hold an annual radio-thon to raise money necessary to fullfill Spencer's Wishes. Every year this radio--thon is in November. We have many, many, thank you gifts that are given away to those who wish to donate during the radio-thon.

Listen to KIKN County FM 98.3 and KOAL AM 750 for more details and donations are accepted anytime at the Eastern Utah Community Credit Union in person or by mail at 675 East 100 North Price, Utah 84501. Attention:

“Spencer’s Wishes Account”

Any questions may be directed to Pam or Phil Roundy at 637-7195 (cell # 630-0205), 689 North Apple Circle, Price, Utah 84501.

$1 at a time, one person at a time, we're making Spencer's Wishes come true!!!!!