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Read for yourself what people are saying about "Spencer's Wishes" and the lives that are touched.


What ever I am about to try and say about Spencer will in no way grasp what kind of special boy he was. When I saw Spence at the start of a Jazz game, I felt something different with him than with all the other kids I meet each day. I'm not quite sure if it was the look in his eyes, the way he talked to me or the fact that he had so much life and love in him. I remember pushing him in his wheel chair on the floor and the whole time wishing that there was something I could do to help or some way for him to know that if there was anything he needed, then I wanted to be the first in line. I know with Spence I would have a fight on my hands to be the first. There would have been many people wanting to step up and help. I remember when I brought him back to his parents, I sat down with him for one last time and wanted to just stay there. He had a way about him from just that short time I spent with him that was comforting. The crazy thing is that by being around him made me feel good when the whole time I was trying to make him feel the same. When I got up is was hard to leave. The one thing that was different about this visit from others was that I was crying underneath my costume. I walked back and talked to my assistant and he had a look of shock. All I could say was, "Wow, what a tough little boy. I wish there was something I could of done for him." Spence was one of those kids that without knowing or tying changed the people around him. I still carry a pin of Spencer in my van and get to see him everyday. Pam and Phil are so lucky to have been able to enjoy someone so special, even if was just for a short time. I love what Pam and Phil have done to help carry out the memory of Spencer. I plan on helping out with "Spencer's Wishes" as long as the Roundy's will let me. It's great to see something so wonderful come out of what happened with Spencer. I miss him.
- Jazz Bear, mascot of the NBA's Utah Jazz, Spencer's friend and hero

Even with Spenser’s illness cancer, he loved school. He didn’t look or talk like most of the kids, but he was a kid with a good potential and out-look on life. He loved Ms. Ferguson his teacher, they both learned together.

Even when he just got an operation, he would give a smile that could brighten the darkest parts anywhere. He smiled even when he was in pain because he liked knowing he could make someone else smile.

Spenser’s last wish was an act so great and loving. His last wish before Christmas of 2000, when he died was that every kid in the world would get at least one Christmas present. It hasn’t become world wide yet, but every year since, the Jazz Bear will take community kids in need to get presents at Wal-Mart.

Spenser was the greatest kid, person and friend that I ever had. Before his death in 2000 of cancer in the brain, he affected and changed many lives with his courageous acts. Spenser accomplished many things in his 10 or 11 years of life.

Our family wanted to thank you so much for giving so many kids the opportunity to have this experience. Your Foundation is awesome and we just wanted to thank you.
- Parent

My family has been deeply touched by our connections with "Spencer's Wishes." We have viewed some very happy faces of children who experience the gift of receiving something for Christmas that they did not expect. Just as thrilling to us was the opportunity to be a part of that giving and watching the faces of the mentors who were receiving just as much joy from the children's gift as were the kids themselves. Spencer's spirit of faith, optimism and joy has helped us realize how small efforts on our part can change a life for good. Thanks for all you do.
- Parent

Being a part of "Spencer's Wishes" helps me remember what a caring person Spencer was. Spencer wanted everyone to be happy, especially children. "Spencer's Wishes" has made it possible for me to help others. It makes me feel closer to Spencer when I help others.
- 12 year old

Thank you for sending me to the baseball camp. I learned a lot about baseball and watching the Salt Lake Stingers play. I hope you keep up the kindness so more kids can get the experience I got.
- 10 year old

Thanks for sending me and many other kids to the baseball camp in Salt Lake City. I loved working with for Major League players. It was a blast!. I really appreciate it!
- 13 year old

Thank you for inviting my children to your Christmas party. They had a wonderful time. I cannot find the words to tell you how much it meant to us. God bless you. Thanks again.
- Parent

Thank you for giving our son the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime event. He loved every minute of it! He said it was almost as good as the baby sister he'd gotten the day before. We appreciate all that you do for the kids in Carbon and Emery Counties. Its a great way to honor your son.
- Parent

Thanks for letting me come to the baseball camp. I had so much fun. My favorite part was probably fielding and seeing my two friends there. I hope you don't feel bad about your son. I just want to say thank you.
- 8 year old

Thank you for picking me to go to the baseball clinic. I had a great time and even caught a foul ball at the Stingers game! Thanks for helping me and my family have the best day ever.
- 11 year old boy

This year I understand that my children were invited to the "Spencer's Wishes" Christmas party. I just want to let you know how touched I was to have you help me with their Christmas. I was really worried about how good of a Christmas they would have, as I have been deployed with the Army. It really did help them all have a better Christmas under the circumstances. Take care and God bless.
- National Guard Serviceman

I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated everything you have done for me. I love my presents and meeting the Jazz Bear and also attending my first Stinger's game. I will never forget, thank you so much!
- 10 year old

I love how each of us let go of a purple balloon after the Christmas party for Spencer. I also liked the baseball camp. Baseball is my favorite sport and the camp taught me all kinds of things. My hitting is better now. The T-shirts we got that day will remind me of your son, Spencer. The "Christmas Wishes" for Spencer was so fun; it made me feel good inside. My heart also felt good. We all miss Spencer. Thank you for all the good times.
- 12 year old

Participating with "Spencer's Wishes" has been an unforgettable experience. As a volunteer, I accompanied a child shopping. One little boy truely touched my heart. Instead of buying a special toy for himself, he spent everything on his family. "Spencer's Wishes" not only gave this child an opportunity to receive, but an opportunity to give.
- Volunteer